Antebellum Centurion

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The Fleet encounters a group of pre-war Cylon Centurion Model 0005 units, complete with an antebellum basestar. These Cylons follow Husker and Starbuck after they deal with attacks from contemporary Raider forces (Battlestar Galactica 4).

These Cylons are loyal to the Colonials, aiding in the safety of President Laura Roslin during one attack.

Commander Adama, trusting these antebellum Cylons only to a point, uses failsafe destructive devices that can be activated to destroy any Centurions that become rebellious or out of line.

The antebellum Centurions are constantly on alert for newer-model Cylons, and attack Caprica-Valerii when they spot her (Battlestar Galactica 5).


  • "Antebellum" is Latin for "before war". The term is commonly used to describe the characteristics of the southernmost states in the United States before its Civil War of 1861.