The Rebirth of Cy, Part 1

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[[Image:|250px|The Rebirth of Cy, Part #1]]
The Rebirth of Cy, Part #1
An issue of the Maximum Press series.
Issue No. 10
Writer(s) Robert Napton
Scott Devine
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Penciller(s) Hector Gomez
Colorist(s) Extreme Colors
Letterer(s) Steve Dutro
Editor(s) Matt Hawkins
Jenny Allevato
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Published December 1996
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Population 0 Survivors
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During the pursuit of two Vipers, a Centurion finds itself afflicted with guilt after experiencing "malfunctions" caused by an ion storm it encounters.


  • In 7342, Starbuck and Apollo are under attack by a group of Cylon Raiders. During their pursuit, the Raiders launched by Base Ship 127 are overcome by an ion storm which disables the Raiders, thus allowing the Vipers to escape.
  • Cylon 8765 reports his position to his baseship, and is brought in by a tractor beam. He reports to his leader, an IL-series Cylon, who orders him to interrogate the human pilot they had captured. He is told to extract the information of the Fleet by any means necessary.
  • Cylon 8765 determines that it was afraid, which runs contrary to Cylon programming. It reports to the main computer, where it learns about the Thousand-Yahren War; 8765 damages the computer in a fit of rage, declaring how wrong it is to destroy an entire race.
  • 8765's commander encounters him in the hallway, inquiring as to why the Cylon failed to interrogate the human. 8765 notes that he had a malfunction that needed to be corrected, which is a lie. The IL-series Cylon accompanies 8765 down to the holding cell, where 8765 hopes to be able to talk to the human in order to understand his moral dilemma.
  • The human in question is revealed to be none other than Starbuck.


  • While eschewing events of Galactica 1980, this comic brings back the character of Cyrus from "The Return of Starbuck," who becomes sympathetic to the humans after questioning his own beliefs. However, there is no continuation to this story, since Maximum Press abandoned writing any further Original Series comics.
  • The story was printed in Asylum #10, an issue of Maximum Press' anthology series featuring Terry Moore's Lady Supreme.
  • This tale does not have a conclusion, since Maximum Press dropped the Battlestar Galactica property in favor of working on its own properties.


  • Cy's "malfunction" is started by the use of a spatial anomaly, in this case an ion storm. Ion storms have been in other science fiction stories, such as Star Trek, to explain crossover between universes (i.e. the "normal universe" and the "mirror universe"). Unlike "The Return of Starbuck," Cy is convinced to become friends with Starbuck out of necessity, and from that necessity both learn about their opposite's race.
  • While consulting the main computer, Cy is told that the Cylons attacked the Colonies in 7221. However, according to Maximum Press's own timeline, the war began in 6342, which possibly means one of two things:
    1. The Cylons have a different time keeping system than the Colonials. (Therefore, 7221 is the same yahren as 6342, which means the events of the comic take place in 8221, otherwise known as the Colonial Yahren 7342.)
    2. This is an error.


  • How will Cy deal with his malfunctions?
  • How does Starbuck escape?
  • When does this episode take place in the series' chronology?