The MAGLEV Memorial: It's Time to Move On

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Move on!

The MAGLEV Memorial: It's Time to Move On is a The Caprican Opinion article written by Ralston Sinclair. It was printed in Martius 14, YR42.


People, I understand that it's important to remember our loved ones who died in the senseless tragedy that was the MAGLEV bombing. I understand that we often like to honor them with trinkets and flowers and all that. But what started out as a rather moving tribute has now become an eyesore. In other words, it's time to get all that crap off the sidewalk.

The sight of all the dead flowers, crumpled cards and random items of memorabilia is bad enough, but what's worse is what they represent: Our inability to let go and move on, at least outside the privacy of our own homes.

How long are we going to let the STO or whoever blew up that train gloat and smirk over our collective grief? You know we empower these frakkin' jerkoffs by turning the area into a gift shop that looks like it vomited all over itself. We show them that we're certainly not healing because we're too busy remembering.

Pray for your loved ones. Damn straight, every day. Hold them in your hearts. But let's clean up the sidewalk and show these terrorists that Caprica will press on no matter what kind of horrible crap gets thrown at us.

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