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This article covers the character named Taron. You may have been looking for the colony, which is spelled Tauron.

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Taron is an Acmaran residing in the city of Salis, who is the only Acmaran to communicate to their alleged deity, Volahd.

Taron is an agent of the Cylon Empire, who is turned into a cybernetic creature without his own knowledge. Taron and his followers turn the Acmaran society and their only city, Salis, into a Cylon experiment on organic lifeforms. After "perfect peace" is established, many Acmarans disappear and are used as subjects of Cylon experimentation, more than likely after they have been declared "evil" by Volahd. This experimentation is claimed to bring "new life" to the Acmaran race (The Law of Volahd, Part 2).

When Blue Squadron encounters Salis, Taron greets the surviving patrol, consisting of Captain Apollo and Lieutenants Boomer, Sheba, and Starbuck, claiming that they have discovered the city of "perfect peace", claiming ignorance that Cadets Colin and Lomis were fried by an energy field.

After communicating with Volahd, Taron approaches the four Warriors and declares that Volahd judges them "evil", the sentence for which is death (The Law of Volahd, Part 1).

With the aid of Averna, herself escaping from the "new life" experimentations, but able to fool Taron and his followers into believing that she is a loyal follower, she allows the Warriors to escape, which unravel the Cylons' lies.

After Volahd orders Boomer and Starbuck's extermination, Starbuck fights with Taron which results in an energy staff striking Taron's face, revealing a metallic plate beneath his skin.

Angry at being betrayed, Taron looks down upon the severed head of a Centurion, seeing what the "new life" entailed, and throws this into the energy column, disrupting the energy field and causing his death, and the destruction of both the city and Volahd's basestar (The Law of Volahd, Part 2).