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On December 25, 2008, Joe Beaudoin Jr. noted the following from scripts and behind-the-scenes materials from "Sine Qua Non" (Prod. #410):

  • On the Blue Version of the shooting schedule issued 11 October 2007, the assistant director is noted as Michael Shandley.
  • Per the one line schedule, pink revision: 1st day of shooting occurred Thursday, 4 October 2008; 2nd day occurred Friday, 5 October 2007; 3rd day occurred Tuesday, 9 October 2007; 4th day occurred Wednesday, 10 October 2007; and 5th day occurred Thursday, 11 October 2007.
  • Per the shooting schedule, blue version: 6th day of shooting occurred Friday, 12 October 2007; 7th day occurred Monday, 15 October 2007; 8th day of shooting (2nd Unit) occurred Tuesday, 16 October 2007. Information also supported by pink revision of the one line schedule.
  • Per the set breakdown in the script (3 October 2007, Pink Revision), in addition to page 12 (1 October 2007, Full Blue Revision), page 26 (3 October 2007, Pink Revision) Romo Lampkin's quarters are on Triton.
  • On page 12 and 13 of the script (1 October 2007, Full Blue Revision), James McManus is noted as being Tom Zarek's interviewer on the wireless.
  • On page 27 (4 October 2007, Yellow Revision), Galen Tyrol is considered as a candidate for president, but is discounted due to his recent mental breakdown after Cally Tyrol's death and his association with Baltar's cult.
  • Per confirmation from the page 35 of the Pink Revision, "Phantom" is a callsign for a Raptor pilot (or ECO). William Adama orders Kara Thrace to start their search from "Phantom's last known position." In a piece of dialogue likely removed during post-production, Adama notes that "There's Phantom and Sunshine's bird," to which Thrace replies that "They're almost a day overdue."