Sister Clarice Willow, Target of Bomb Plot

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Sister Clarice Willow, Target of Bomb Plot is a The Caprican News article written by Sharon Edmonson. It was printed in Aprilis 5, YR42.


The Caprica City Police Department has called on the Global Defense Department (GDD) for assistance in the investigation of the attempted murder of Sister Clarice Willow, the headmaster of Athena Academy. A car bomb was set off in Willow's car earlier this evening, setting fire to several cars around it and damaging the roadway in that area. Fortunately, Sister Willow was not in her car at the time of the attack.

"I was on my way to the Spaceport with one of my husbands. Suddenly I saw someone standing on the rail of the Pantheon Bridge and we pulled over to see if we could help." As Clarice and Nestor Willow stood on the edge of Caprican Bay looking up, in fear that the woman would jump, they heard a huge explosion behind them. "I'm still in shock," said Willow, "we could have been killed." There were no fatalities and no injuries were reported. The bomb, which was hidden in the trunk of Willow's car, seems to have been detonated remotely.

There is no word yet from the GDD on what might have caused someone to make Sister Willow the target of such an attack. Residents were stunned to hear of the plot to kill Sister Willow, a beloved figure in Caprica City.

"My Gods," said Olson Owens, a MAGLEV driver.

"That's despicable and appalling," said boutique owner Ellison Grace, clutching her chest, "I'm so relieved to hear she's okay,"

"I just don't get it. Who would want to kill a nun?" wondered Jorge Diaz, a retired computer engineer.

Citizens of Caprica City all well aware of the care and compassion with which Sister Willow runs the Athena Academy. She was instrumental in helping her students recover after the MAGLEV attacks and subsequent GDD raids on the school. Counselors will be made available to students who would like someone to talk to when school reopens on Monday.

Sources say this incident may be STO-related, or perhaps connected to recent Holo Cafe bombing. The investigation is ongoing.


  • Clarice Willow's name was originally misspelled "Clarisse Willow" in the title and text, but the Syfy site people corrected it.

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