RUMORS & WHISPERINGS: Is Tomas Vergis Buying the C-Bucs?

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RUMORS & WHISPERINGS: Is Tomas Vergis Buying the C-Bucs? is a The Caprican Sports article written by Matthew Riley. It was printed in Aprilis 5, YR42.


If this rumor is true, then there are no gods. If this is true, I'm moving to Picon and living on a mountain and never watching another Pyramid game in my godsforsaken life.

Oh, gods! The more I write this, the more I realize there's no reason why this isn't true. It's been a downward spiral for Daniel Graystone and the C-Bucs since the MAGLEV explosion - players (traitors) requesting transfers, Graystone dumping Holoband licensing, Graystone Industries stock going down the drain, Graystone in enough financial trouble that everyone's saying he'll need to sell the Bucs. I knew this day was coming - I just thought that if I didn't think about it, it wouldn't happen. That old trick never works.

Oh, sports fans. It is a dark day. Daniel Graystone loves the game, and he loves the Bucs. Now he's got to sit there and watch his number-one rival take it away from him because he's got to make sure the electricity stays on at the office. How will Graystone be able to watch the Bucs ever again, knowing that the man who would delight more than anyone else in seeing him writhe in financial (and perhaps personal) ruin is calling the shots? What kind of world do we live in?

Sure, maybe the Bucs will actually start winning while under the iron fist of a hardcore disciplinarian like a Tauron. But that's little consolation when you look at the big picture, and trace the trail of tragedy that led us here.

Mourn, Caprica. The Bucs have lost their leader.

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