GDD Raids Athena Academy

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GDD Raids Athena Academy' is a The Caprican News article written by Ann Royall. It was printed in Martius 5, YR42.


The Global Defense Department descended on The Athena Academy last week and searched every locker and classroom looking for some evidence of Zoe Graystone's involvement in the MAGLEV attack. They found none. "Our students were terrified," said headmistress Clarice Willow, "They didn't understand why this was happening to them. First they lose their classmates in the attack, now this."

According to the Global Defense Department, Amanda Graystone's implication of her daughter's involvement in the MAGLEV bombing gave the GDD probable cause to search Zoe's property. This included the Athena Academy, where Zoe was a student at the time of her death.

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