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BSG WIKI Policy.png This page is an official policy of Battlestar Wiki.
This policy is considered by the community and its leadership to be the status quo of Battlestar Wiki and is not to be countermanded or ignored, though changes to it can be discussed on the appropriate talk page. This policy was implemented on 26 February 2007.
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Every so often, one of the many contributors on Battlestar Wiki has completed one edit too many and needs to blow off some steam by making a non sequitur article that pokes fun at the Battlestar Galactica universes.

We call these articles silly pages. While silly pages can be very humorous, they still must have a purpose on Battlestar Wiki-- however tenuous that purpose may be.

Here are some basic rules and guidelines on the use and appropriateness of a silly page.

  • A silly page should poke fun primarily at characters, situations, or events in any of the Battlestar Galactica universes only. Jabs at movies or TV shows such as Star Trek or printed fiction is appropriate if the bulk of your silly page involves Battlestar elements. Targets for fun do not include any users of this (or any) wiki, or any actual person, living or dead. Such pages will be considered an act of slander; these pages will be speedily deleted by administrators without debate.
  • Silly pages are appropriate ways to "embellish" on articles with obvious references to commonplace objects in the real-world. Normally, such articles are not appropriate on Battlestar Wiki because of the article's redundant or obvious content. Articles such as "Flashlight" and "Toaster", however, point out the use of these terms in the Battlestar Galactica universes while, at the same time, adding a humorous element.
  • Silly pages are great to humorous point out plot and character gaffes or repeated uses of a plot or character action. The Battlestar Galactica Drinking Game and Spot the Cylon are good examples of this use of a silly page.
  • All silly pages must be marked with the Category:Silly pages template. Silly pages that spoof an episode or series of articles should NOT include the categories of the legitimate, canonical articles. As a general rule, silly pages should stand on their own.
  • Defacement of an article to form a silly page is vandalism. Such actions are highly inappropriate will be dealt with severely by the administrators.
  • Silly pages should be a rare occurrence to keep Battlestar Wiki's central informative purpose from being diluted. Administrators and contributors are generally asked to give consensus to the posting and use of a new silly page. Not only will contributors of silly page submit to having their work mercilessly edited, but consensus will also judge whether the contributor's article is sufficiently funny. Insufficiently funny silly pages may be deleted after sufficient consensus is reached.
  • While these silly pages are often great articles, they should not be considered for featured article status. Silly articles aren't representative of Battlestar Wiki as they comprise less than 1% of all the articles.

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