Ser 5-9

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Ser 5-9
Ser 5-9


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Introduced The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I
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Portrayed by Denny Miller
Ser 5-9 is a Cylon
Ser 5-9 is a Final Five Cylon
Ser 5-9 is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Ser 5-9 is an Original Series Cylon
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Ser 5-9, an abbreviated form of Series 5, Culture 9, is a Theta-class life-form on Arcta. While classified as a worker clone, Ser demonstrates acts of compassion, courage and level-headedness, and is inspired to rebel against Vulpa's Cylons. He assists in the recovery of the Galactica expedition who had survived Death Point thanks to Muffit. After their rescue, he leads the Galactica's crew to the Cylon-dominated underground city, secreting Boxey and his Daggit with the Theta children.

Upon Captain Apollo's instance, Ser leads Apollo to the "Father-Creator," Doctor Ravashol. When Ravashol initially claims that the pulsar is manned by Thetas, Ser respectfully informs Ravashol that any Theta approaching the pulsar was whipped. During this conversation, a contingent of Cylon Centurions interrupt to perform an inspection; Ser hides Apollo in a research computer stack and allows himself to be captured. Since Planners are only permitted in the laboratory areas, his discovery leads to Ser's punishment via whipping, in spite of Ravashol's claims that he needed someone to do heavy work on short notice.

Despite Ser's apparent willingness to aid the Colonials, he is against destroying the pulsar, as it was the only means to defend themselves against the Cylons. It takes Ravashol to convince him that they must help the surviving Colonials by destroying the pulsar. Once convinced, Ser leads Apollo, Wolfe, Croft and Leda to the top of the mountain where the pulsar is housed. In the attempt, he is injured by an avalanche leaving him unable to lead, though he is able to inform the Colonials on how to enter the pulsar via the air intake vent ("The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I," "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II")