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Introduced The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I
Death Killed by Vulpa, "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II"
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Marital Status Married to Croft
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Portrayed by Christine Belford
Leda is a Cylon
Leda is a Final Five Cylon
Leda is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Leda is an Original Series Cylon
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Leda is a medtech and wife of Commander Croft, of whom she is not fond.

Leda holds special expertise in the treating of laser wounds, and holds to a medical oath that she will not abandon, despite her apparent dislike for Colonial Warriors.

She is originally a part of Wolfe and Thane's escape plans. However, after Thane dies and Wolfe runs off to his death in a blizzard, she abandons those plans and finishes the mission.

Ironically, she dies by saving her husband from being shot by Vulpa (TOS: "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero").