SPOTLIGHT: The Caprica Bay Waterfront

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SPOTLIGHT: The Caprica Bay Waterfront is a The Caprican Lifestyle article written by Sharon Edmonson. It was printed in Aprilis 5, YR42.


The weather is getting nicer (finally), and some folks have been asking us about our favorite outdoor spaces here in Caprica City. So let's say you're tired of Apollo Park with its green open fields and promenade walkway. Maybe you're looking for something a little different - well, look no further than the Caprica Bay Waterfront. Located in the shadow of the Pantheon Bridge, the Caprica Bay boasts more than two miles of waterfront walkways with drinking fountains, stylish street lamps, and surprisingly comfortable benches lining the stone path.

This area, once home to many old Caprica City factories, has become a favorite spot of locals and visitors, alike. If it's people watching you're after this is always a great place to do it; from joggers, to chess players, to elderly couples in love, you can find it all along the Caprica Bay Waterfront. Keep checking The Caprican for upcoming Waterfront special events like outdoor concerts, scavenger hunts, and art markets. Or just take a chance and maybe you'll stumble upon something great! Oh, and a little travel tip: Use the Durant Boulevard entrance on weekdays only - that entrance is too crowded on the weekends. Enjoy!

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