The Capricanization of Tomas Vergis

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The Capricanization of Tomas Vergis is a The Caprican Opinion article written by Matthew Riley. It was printed in Aprilis 5, YR42.


The Tauron community - of which I am a proud member - has been in an uproar since Tomas Vergis announced on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno that he would be renouncing his Tauron upbringing and pursuing his Caprican citizenship. And we have every right to be.

The Tauron community on Caprica fights an uphill battle every day of the week. We are the targets of racism and suspicion, of violent hate crimes and intolerance. We are seen as outsiders, as little more than thugs with an undeserved sense of pride and tradition. We have to deal with being called "dirt eaters," a term so offensive it's a wonder the gods themselves allow such cruelty and insensitivity. There are many of us who hold important positions in politics, industry and entertainment here on Caprica. We work hard, and we are recognized and rewarded for that work. There are many of us who are in places of power and respect, and we are proud of those brothers and sisters who have made something of themselves.

Now, one of our most prominent leaders - Tomas Vergis of the Vergis Corporation, one of the most brilliant inventors and engineers that the Colonies have ever seen, not to mention an intelligent and savvy businessman - is renouncing his heritage and becoming a Caprican. He's never publically expressed any pain or embarrassment regarding being a Tauron, so this news comes as quite a surprise. It is also an insult to the rest of us, who value pride, family and heritage above all else.

I say this to you, Mr. Vergis - your Caprican citizenship is just a piece of paper. Look in your heart to see who you truly are. It seems like you need a reminder.

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