Caprica City Visitors Guide

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Caprica City Visitors Guide is a feature of The Caprican.

Landing Page

OVERVIEW / INTRO >> Welcome to the greatest city in the Twelve Colonies. Here's how we're going to make your stay even better.

GEOGRAPHY >> Learn the ins and outs of Caprica City's streets, and how to navigate them without help from the gods.

TRANSPORTATION >> Looking for a lift on the MAGLEV? Here's where you'll find out how to get around our fair metropolis.

FOOD & DRINK >> Looking for a lift on the MAGLEV? Here's where you'll find out how to get around our fair metropolis.

CULTURE >> Feed your brain with the best in art, history, and popular culture. It's all here

NIGHTLIFE >> Once the lights go down in Caprica City, the real fun begins. Read up on it here.


Our fair metropolis. It's the greatest city in the greatest of the Twelve Colonies - Caprica City, a beautiful, metropolis of multicultural influence and design, filled with bustling commerce, beautiful parks, convenient and efficient public transportation, delicious dining and nightlife activities you'll never forget. Here, you'll find everything you need to know- what to do, where to eat, who to see and where to go when it isn't quite time to call it a night.

Welcome to Caprica City - enjoy your stay!


Caprica City is the largest city on Caprica, a stunning oceanfront metropolis with a river running straight down the center. A large public transportation system, including a spaceport, links Caprica City to other cities on Caprica as well as the rest of the Twelve Colonies. Downtown Caprica City is a breathtaking vista of modern architecture housing all sorts of businesses and industries, with the hills beyond the city providing comfortable suburban living. Caprica City is home to approximately seven million people.

Key Landmarks:

A stroll in Apollo Park is good for what ails you. Apollo Park Located in the heart of Caprica City, Apollo Park is a favorite destination of Capricans everywhere. From its promenade walkway to its grassy green open fields, it's a great place to get away for a whole day or even just an hour!

The Pantheon Bridge The oldest, most breathtaking bridge in Caprica City, the Pantheon Bridge is a favorite of both residents and tourists alike. Taking leisurely strolls across the Pantheon is a popular post-brunch weekend activity. Don't forget your camera!

Little Tauron Want to take a trip to Tauron but don't have the cash? Little Tauron is the closest you'll get to the real thing and the best part is, no pesky dust storms! And it's the only place on Caprica to get good Tauron cigars and authentic Tauron cherry cake.

Graystone Industries campus Yes, the birthplace of the Holoband and the Graystone computer is just on the outskirts of town. Tours of the sprawling facility are available on weekdays. And pick yourself up a mini Holoband keychain at the gift shop on the way out - a great gift for the Holo lover in your life!

A bird's-eye view of the home of the C-Bucs. Atlas Arena High-tech turf, high-end snack stands... Atlas Arena has something for everyone. All C-Bucs home games are played at the modern mammoth stadium. And don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming concerts from the biggest bands around. Great music at the Atlas - definitely a must!

The Government Sector When you're downtown and find yourself dwarfed by classic architecture and a giant Caprican flag, you're in the heart of The Government Sector. This section of the city is home to the Mayor's office, City of Caprica Public Works, and the Minister of Defense to name a few.


Even in this ultra-modern day and age, getting around can be a pain in the neck. Getting anywhere in Caprica City can be an adventure thanks to the size of the city and the density of its urban centers. That said, there are alternatives.

The MAGLEV: Still the best way to get around. MAGLEV The MAGLEV (MAGnetic LEVitation) trains will get you anywhere you need to go on Caprica. This state-of-the art high-speed train system was built to accommodate the needs of a burgeoning populace and, with speeds of up to 550 clicks per hour, it's by far the fastest mode of transportation on Caprica. So leave your car at home and hop on the MAGLEV! Note: The recent attacks on the MAGLEV have caused service changes and interruptions. Be sure to check the latest schedule before planning a trip.

The Spaceport Looking to do some inter-colonial travel? Caprica City's Spaceport puts us at the hub of the 12 colonies...literally. With the most daily non-stop flights to and from Caprica, you'll get where you need to go in no time. Just arrive in plenty of time to get through security. Don't say we didn't warn you.


Even in this ultra-modern day and age, getting around can be a pain in the neck. Getting anywhere in Caprica City can be an adventure thanks to the size of the city and the density of its urban centers. That said, there are alternatives.

There is no shortage of restaurants and bars here on Caprica. In Caprica City alone, you can find cuisine from all Twelve Colonies. There are even a few restaurants that pass themselves off as Pican-style (though we wouldn't attempt to eat there without a spice rack in tow). Check out our listings below for some of our favorite Caprica City eats!

Where to Eat & Drink

An entire virtual world waits behind these doors. Holo Café Comfy sofas, tasty food and easy access to cyber land--this is not your parent's café. With multiport access and unlimited bandwidth, if you're thirsting for a force greater than caffeine, the Holo-band Café is the place to be.

Connie's Place restaurant It's classic Tauron fare all the way at Connie's Place. With its no frills atmosphere and that great home cooked feel, head to over Connies in Little Tauron - and tell them The Caprican sent you!

Gemenese Street Vendors Don't pass up an opportunity to hit up the food carts on the street corners of Caprica City. Here, you'll find authentic street food from the Colonies. Our favorite, by far, are the Gemenon carts. We're especially partial to those Gemenese noodles! Yum.


Looking to broaden your mind and expand your horizons? Caprica City has all sorts of places and activities for those looking for a little culture. Take a tour, visit a museum, rub elbows with the hottest talk show host in all the Twelve Colonies or enter the halls of Higher Learning at the university - you'll find it all here.

The Ambrosia Distillery, home to many fine spirits. Tour the Ambrosia Distillery Have you ever wanted to see where your favorite Ambrosia spirits are made? Now you can! Schedule a tour and a tasting - a great way to spend a Saturday. If you're lucky you might even lay eyes on Master Distiller Chris Thompson.

Apollo University Events Caprica City's biggest university attracts some of the biggest crowds around. From alumni weekend to the best of college pyramid, from the first-rate campus art museum to the theater department's impressive productions, there's always plenty to do at Apollo

Caprica Art Museum It is often said that the museum building itself is as breathtaking as the art it houses and we quite agree. Caprica City's preeminent art museum is located in the heart of downtown and the scope and scale of its exhibitions is unmatched anywhere else in the city. Don't miss the Art Treasures of Kobol exhibit.

He looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't he? Attend a taping of Backtalk with Baxter Sarno Fun, funny and free - this is one of the hottest tickets in town! Apply for tickets online, or brave the elements and hit the standby line. Trust us, it's worth it.


Looking to grab a drink, hear some good music and dance the night away? Caprica City will show you the night of your life, with no shortage of bars, clubs, cabarets and cafes. Why call it a night when you can party until dawn in Caprica City?

Music and more make the Caprica City night sparkle. Dive If you didn't know it was there you'd walk right by this old hole in the wall. Aptly named for its ambiance, Dive is a favorite local haunt for Capricans who really want to unwind.

The Dulcis Way Club Craving some classic Caprican jazz? With back-to-back sets nightly and a jazz brunch on Sunday, The Dulcis Way Club is the best way to hear great jazz here in the city.

Mo Terreo Cabaret A downtown staple, Mo's is the best place to catch all of the hippest acts in the performance scene. It's the closest thing you'll get to a V-Club right here in Caprica City.

Via Appia Café What started as a tiny wine bar a year ago has already grown into a full fledged night club and restaurant. And with a great bar scene and live music almost every night, Via Appia just keeps getting better!

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