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This is a list of unproduced scripts for Galactica 1980.

Prod. No. Title Writers Overview
# Galactica Discovers Earth (early draft) Glen A. Larson Early draft featuring Starbuck and Apollo that follows the same basic plot in which Baltar is the time-traveling villain instead of Xaviar.
#55102 The Day They Kidnapped Cleopatra Mark Jones, Anne Collins, Chris Bunch and Alan Cole Xaviar continues in his attempts to advance Earth's technology from the past, this time attempting to convince Cleopatra that he is a god; to prove this to be true, she poisons his drink, forcing him to seek Jamie Hamilton in 1980 so that he can turn himself in to Troy and Dillon in order to get treated by the Galactican's advanced medicine: bringing along Cleopatra for the ride to the future.
#55114 The Wheel of Fire Louise S. Kelly and Alan S. Young
Story by Alan S. Young
A sequel to "The Return of Starbuck", where Starbuck himself is now a Being of Light who makes himself known to Troy. In a similar fashion to "Experiment in Terra", he asks that Troy (who the Galacticans now believe dead) track down a Cylons Raider, itself accidentally caught in the time warp from Xaviar's Viper, before the Cylon can inflict untold damage to Earth in 592 B.C.
# Earthquake Allan Cole and Chris Bunch Troy and Dillon have to stop a misguided scientist from creating an earthquake that will devastate California. They get help from a young girl in the small town of Lemoncreek.
#50113 A Flight For Life Robert W. Gilmer The Cylons launch many small probes from their base ship. One of them crashes on Earth. Troy and Dillon must get the damaged probe back from Colonel Sydell and the air force.
# Harvest Home Unknown An early draft of Space Croppers.
# The Money Machine Alan S. Godfrey Troy and Dillon lose a money duplicator device and all kinds of havoc ensues!
# Bullfighting script Chris Trumbo It's about bullfighting. No other details available.
# Gun script E. Nick Alexander A street kid gets his hands on a Colonial laser gun. Due to the censors, no one gets shot.
# Biker script Richard Christian Matheson and Tom Szollosi Troy and Dillon beat up Scummy Cyclists.
# The Battle of Troy Writer unknown Another time travel story.