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Ochoa is the outermost planet in the Binary 13 system capable of supporting human life.

It shares an extraordinary helix orbit with the two stars; it first orbits one star, then another in a single rotation. A complete rotation is believed to last between forty and fifty yahren.

The planet itself is inhabited and is replete in mineral deposits, overrun with vegetation (although its edibility is unknown) and contains veins of tylium of high purity, more so than anything the Colonials themselves used since their exodus.

The Cylons, which the Fleet has not encountered in six yahren, have a presence on this planet. During a recon patrol, Captain Starbuck and Lieutenant Commander Apollo encounter Cylon forces near the planet and engage in battle with them.

Due to the gravitational pull from its two stars, it is in the process of being torn apart, although this is not detected during the Colonial's recon mission. Lucifer later informs Baltar that the planet is in the process of being evacuated (RH: Armaggedon).