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The term millicenton is used almost exclusively in "Saga of a Star World" and "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I" and Part II.

In "Saga of a Star World", Jolly tells Apollo that their landram would intersect with the tylium mine in 24 millicentons (or roughly 2 hours). They are to check in with each other every four millicentons.

In "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I", Adama tells his guests that they have been "gorging ourselves on this delicious food for nigh on three millicentons, waiting" for Apollo's wedding proposal. Later, Starbuck tells Apollo he is going to wait one millicenton before proceeding to enter the Void.


  • Considering that the early use of the centon in the pilot episode is something closer to a week, the millicenton would be somewhere in the neighborhood of ten minutes, or 1/1000 of a week.
  • The millicenton makes a belated appearance in "The Living Legend, Part II" when Sheba tells the Gamoray landing team that "we've got millicentons to get in and out."

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