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Language of Tauron

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The language of Tauron is distinct from the typical standard language used throughout the Twelve Colonies of Kobol circa 42YR (58 BCH).

Many proud Taurons were displaced during Tauron Civil War and emigrated to various colonies, including Caprica. In order to resist assimilation, Taurons carved out their footholds (such as Little Tauron within Caprica City) while maintaining their strong cultural heritage by practicing cultural rites, religious practices, and through their use of language.


  • Ha'la'tha: "always faithful to the soil"; it is later used as the formal name of the crime syndicate lead by the Guatrau.


  • déspoina (δέσποινα): matron; Joseph Adama confronts Willie Adama over missing a day at the Tauron school, after being notified of his absence by Déspoina Kolas earlier in the day (CAP: "Rebirth").
  • leprós (λεπρός): smooth; Sam Adama tells Willie Adama that his father was leprós with the ladies in his youth, while Sam tried to hit on men with limited success (CAP: "Rebirth").
    • In modern Greek, leprós is a term for "leper." Either Sam was lying to Willie about its definition, perhaps as a joke at Joseph's expense, or the term had a different meaning with the Tauron.
  • skṓr (σκῶρ): excrement, dung, shit; Sam Adama comments on a car that he and Willie come across, noting that it looks like skṓr, en route to vandalizing a storefront in Little Tauron (CAP: "Rebirth").


  • The language used by Taurons in Caprica is a mixture of various Greek dialects, including Ancient Homeric Greek and new Greek.