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David Eick revealing who Number One is in his video blog.

This is a listing and overview of video blogs made by David Eick for the Re-imagined Series.

The video blogs began in Season 2 and have continued up to Season 3. Eick uses sarcasm and other forms of "low-brow" humor that some might find offensive when relaying behind-the-scenes information.

A recurring gimmick performed by many of the cast and crew who contribute to these video blogs is their dismissal of Eick as a megalomaniac producer, often expressing negative views of Eick as both a professional and as a person.

Season 2

Entry #1: Episode 205 - Day 2

View. This is the first installment of the video blog, where Eick chronicles the second day of shooting "The Farm". The scene being shot in question is of Kara Thrace being stuck in the alleged hospital after she was shot by the Cylons.

Gary Hutzel, the head special effects producer, also takes Eick to task on an early version of Louanne Katraine ("Kat") and Brendan Costanza ("Hotdog") bombing run incident.

Topics discussed

  • The hospital room being a "swing set". (See: behind-the-scenes notes)
  • Pelvic examinations.
  • Sackhoff's makeup.
  • Eick's feelings for Joel the camera operator.
  • "The Viper Problem": Kat and Hotdog running into each other in a bombing run.


Entry #2: Episode 207 - Day 4

View. This covers the cast read-through of "Home, Part II".

Notable quotes

Olmos: She claims to see things—she saw me naked twice!


In order of appearance:

Entry #8: On the Set of the "New" Pegasus

View. Episode 210, Day 2. David Eick discusses the building of Pegasus' sets with Richard Hudolin. The sets in construction at the time were the CIC, the ready room, and Helena Cain's room.

Topics discussed

  • Prepping Cain's room for HD shooting.
  • Cutting the corners off the books.
  • The scoreboards on the screen for Cylon kills and engagements.
  • Penis lanterns, particularly Eick's inability to get Hudolin to call them by that term.


Entry #9: The "Magic" of Battlestar Galactica


David Eick talks about the look of the show, notably about the hangar bay and the green-screen set extension, as well as the associated costs of using this set extension.

Never Let the Inmates Run the Asylum


Scenes from a Video Blog Floor


Sex, Lies and a Video Blog


Season 3