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Race: Caprica
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CO: Captain Benjamin Tanner
XO: Lieutenant Susan Hamilton
Role: Destroyer, Caprican Armed Forces
Weapons: Nuclear warheads, point defense weapons, fighter craft
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Additional Information

Eos is a Caprican Armed Forces destroyer commissioned during the Caprica-Sagittaron Conflict.

Eos is first deployed to protect Scorpia from Sagittaron aggression, and participates in the Battle of the Scorpia Exo Yards (Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War #2).

Later, its final battle under Captain Benjamin Tanner occurs at the Battle of Sagittaron Bellarias, where it is outfitted with nuclear weapons as a proportional response to Sagittaron's nuclear armament.

Following Isak's deployment of the Divine Imperative that leads into to the First Cylon War, Tanner and a fire team of marines and officers hold Eos' bridge when Caprican robots attempt to seize command of the vessel. Eos later uses a nuclear warhead from its arsenal to disable any further cybernetic resistance, thus permitting the ship and other Colonial survivors on both sides to regroup (Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War #3).