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Cylon costume

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Cylon costume

The Cylon costume is an Original Series costume produced by the Collegeville Flag and MFG Company.[1] Collegeville Flag and MFG Company has also created costumes for a Colonial Warrior and "Muffey" (Muffit costume).[1][2][3]


Packaging for the costume depicts artwork featuring the Original Series characters (Adama, Cassiopeia, Apollo, Starbuck, Boxey, and Muffit) and vehicles (Cylon Raiders and Colonial Vipers). Sizes include Large (for 12 to 14 year olds)[4] and Medium (for 8 to 10 year olds).[5]

The package also advertises "Fabric complies with U.S. Flammable Fabrics Act. Additionally Treated To Retard Flame. Do Not Wash. Washing Removes Flame Retardancy."


  • Dave Moss, curator of Battlestar Galactica Memorabilia, reviews this item as coming with a "really cool Cylon mask" but remarks "It's just a shame the outfit does not look like the rest of the Cylon."[1]
  • The costume along with the Muffey costume was featured in Retrocrush's "THE WEB'S BIGGEST GALLERY OF CLASSIC HALLOWEEN COSTUMES".[2]
  • The costume has been sold on eBay for as much as $125.98[5] and $99.99.[6]

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