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Borellus was the leader born of human starfarers, settling upon the planet later known as Caprica millennia prior to the establishment of the Twelve Colonies of Man[1].

Following the settling of Caprica, Borellus established the rules and customs of the Borellian Nomen, eschewing technology in the pursuit of perfecting themselves while blending with the Caprican biosphere they encountered. In the millennia that followed, those who fled the dying world of Kobol came across Caprica and were able to dispatch the Nomen with sheer numbers and advanced technologies, leading to a schism between the Colonials and the Nomen.[1]

One of the teachings of Borellus, ascribed as being one of the first laws he laid out, had been "cultivate a thing and it will grow"[2] (RH: Armageddon).


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