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Captain Heimdall is captain of Hephaestus in 7360, an old man of Gemon descent[1].

The pro-Ambassador Puck seditionists in the Fleet had, unbeknownst to Warriors, swept through the Hepahestus' crew and eliminated all who would no come to heel, excluding Heimdall and a small contingent of workers and crew to prevent undue suspicion[2].

Following the explosion of Paris' bomb in Hephaestus' bay, Major Boomer (who had previously brought his Viper aboard for maintenance) presents himself to Heimdall on Hephaestus' bridge, attempting to establish authority as per the Fleet's martial law edict. Much to Boomer's dismay, Heimdall declares not only a loathing for the military but also that Hephaestus and its crew have removed themselves from Colonial service[1].

Heimdall is slain by Boomer, an act of self defense to avoid Heimdall's execution attempt[3] (RH: Armageddon).



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