Stopping the Landed Cylons

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Stopping the Landed Cylons
Conflict: The Discovery and Defense of Earth
Date: October 31, 1980
Related Episode(s):
Place: WQSL Building, New York City, Earth
Result: Galactican victory
Captain Troy & Lieutenant Dillon Couple of Landed Cylons
Captain Troy Andromus
Laser Guns Laser Gun, Andromus's Firing Fingers
Materiel Losses
None None
None 2 Cylons, (Andromus & Centuri)
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Interception of the A-B Raider Stopping the Landed Cylons Battle for the Agricultural Ships

The human-looking Cylon android Andromus and Centurion Centuri plan to use a radio station to broadcast a distress signal so that the Cylon fleet can destroy Earth, and it is up to Troy and Dillon to stop them.

A fire fight between Andromus and Centuri begin. The firefight is brief, with Dillon taking out Centuri and Troy shooting Andromus.

(1980: "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II")