Adama (TOS-RH)

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Adama is the first leader of the Colonials following the Battle of Cimtar, commanding from the last known battlestar, Galactica in 7342.

As part of the pure Kobollian bloodline, a direct descendant to the House of Kobol, Adama possessed highly advanced mental skills that made him a formidable commander and leader, with such skills including empathy and great wisdom (RH: Armageddon).

Commanding Galactica

Many yahrens prior to the Colonial exodus, Adama assumes command of the 500 yahrens-old Galactica. Aboard her is a sanctuary, built into the commander's quarters during the construction of the battlestar, and known to only himself and, later, his eldest son, Apollo, upon his thirtieth novayahren.

Adama tutors his son using the advanced machinery that, while steeped in antiquity, outpaces technology available to the Colonials at that time (RH: Armageddon).

Fleeing the Cylon Tyranny

In the wake of the Cylon tyranny, Adama became a man known for few possessions, having only retrieved an antique clock from their ruined homestead on Caprica following the Cylon's final attack. It was not the only item of antiquity in his possession, as his sanctuary featured an antique wooden chair.

During his leadership of the Fleet, Adama lead them beyond the Cyrannus galaxy and into deep space, attempting to track down the path of the Thirteenth Tribe that fled Kobol, the second birthplace of human kind.

Adama would not know the sights and sounds of Earth for, 18 yahrens into their journey, Adama experiences a massive cardiac arrest, lapsing into a three-week coma before succumbing to the ravages of life. His body is jettisoned into the void of space, and his death lead to a power vacuum exacerbated by an old enemy (RH: Armageddon).