Tattooed pilot

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Tattooed pilot
Tattooed pilot


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A large, bald, tattoed pilot with tattoos.

He can be seen at a card game during the crisis after the water tanks were sabotaged (Water). He is seen partying with other pilots when the Galactica was defending the Majahual and drinking a shooter out of Kara Thrace's belly button (Scar).

He is seen more often after the Second Exodus. He is playing Dead Man's Chest with Kara Thrace, Brendan Constanza, Louanne Katraine and Noel Allison when Karl "Helo" Agathon asks for a callsign for Sharon Agathon and submits his own proposal: "Chrome Dome". (Torn).

During the food shortage, he is present at a briefing before the passage through the star cluster and when Admiral Adama makes her posthumous promotion official by switching her name on the pilot roster with Lee Adama's (The Passage).


  • Despite appearing in a number of episodes, he has not been named yet on screen.