Nora Farmer

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Nora Farmer
Nora Farmer


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Introduced The Resistance: Episode 1
Death The Resistance: Episode 4
Marital Status Significant other, Tucker "Duck" Clellan
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Portrayed by Emily Holmes
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Nora Farmer[1], a former Viper pilot, is the significant other of former ace Viper pilot Tucker "Duck" Clellan.

During a meeting with Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Cally Henderson Tyrol, and James Lyman, she and Tucker mention that they are trying to have a baby, even going as so far as to stop smoking.

Farmer also seems to like the idea of Lyman being a possible godfather (The Resistance: Episode 1), but she is killed at temple by a force of Centurions led by a Number Five as she attempted to retrieve her bag (The Resistance: Episode 4).

Her death spurs suicidal tendencies in Clellan, who later suicide bombs a New Caprica Police graduation ceremony, in an attempt to take out Gaius Baltar, who did not attend due to security considerations (TRS: "Occupation").


Farmer and Clellan in a photograph aboard Galactica.
  • Based on the photo of her and Duck during their time on Galactica, Farmer was a former Viper pilot, wearing a pilot's uniform with a Viper patch (The Resistance, "Maelstrom").
  • A goof up by the staff posted during the third and ninth webisode suggested that Clellan and Farmer are married. This is not true according to Bradley Thompson.
  • Nora's last name of Famer is never mentioned in either the webisode series "The Resistance", or in the series itself. The only mentions of Nora in the series are by Clellan, prior to his suicide bombing of the graduation ceremony for the New Caprica Police in "Occupation", and by Lee Adama when he looks at their picture on the memorial wall in "Maelstrom".


  1. Her last name comes from the script, as noted here.
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