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Template:Character Data

Corporal Komma is a computer technician and impromptu fire fighter on Galactica, evidently having a level of naïvete due to his easily being deceived by Starbuck and his fib concerning female warriors having fun on the Tech Deck. This deception allows Starbuck to manipulate his record to be included in the Arcta expedition, in order to find Cadet Cree Template:OS.

Komma also assists in fighting the blaze, impressed by Colonel Tigh, when they need every person they can get to fight the deadly fire Template:OS.

Furthermore, he assists Apollo and Boomer, Starbuck's defense counsel, to research Karibdis in the Fleet databanks, but this pursuit turns out fruitless. When Apollo has a somewhat annoying situation with the verbally interactive computer station, Komma comments that he prefers an "old-fashioned" keyboard and scanner Template:OS.