Blonde Taurus

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Blonde Taurus
Blonde Taurus
The Blonde Taurus as seen in "Saga of a Star World."


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Portrayed by Randi Oakes
Blonde Taurus is a Cylon
Blonde Taurus is a Final Five Cylon
Blonde Taurus is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Blonde Taurus is an Original Series Cylon
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Blonde Taurus
Blonde Taurus as depicted in Marvel Comics' Deathtrap!

The Blonde Taurus is a tourist from Tauron encountered by Boomer and Starbuck during their initial survey of Carillon. The Taurus is initially afraid that the Colonial Warriors were there in some sort of law enforcement capacity, to which she pleads that the chancery is legal (though she doesn't appear very certain of that). She got to Carillon by booking a skybus through her travelator, and had won considerable sums of cubits gambling at the chancery. She is in a hurry to leave, however, having booked a moonlight cruise. Boomer and Starbuck suspect she has been smoking plant vapors (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

In the separate continuity

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The Blonde Taurus is the first human Boomer and Starbuck encounter on Carillon during their expedition. She tells them about the resort and how she's given a lot of value for her money, showing off a bag of cubits that leaves Starbuck awestruck (Deathtrap!).