Battle of Caprica

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Battle of Caprica
Conflict: Thousand-Yahren War
Date: 40 yahren before Destruction of the Colonies
Related Episode(s):
Place: Caprica
Result: Unknown
The Twelve Colonies Cylons
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Materiel Losses
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Battle Chronology
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Battle of Cosmora Archipelago Battle of Caprica Attack on Umbra

For information battle from the Blood and Chrome Series, see Battle of Caprica (TRS).

The Battle of Caprica is noted on a personnel list.

The Battle of Caprica occurred sometime within 40 yahren before the Battle of Cimtar.

According to a printout of people selected by Galactica's computers for a special mission to destroy the Ravashol pulsar, Leda is the recipient of a Colonial War Medal for this otherwise-undocumented battle (TOS: "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I").


  • In "The Living Legend, Part I," Commander Cain refers to the Battle of Cimtar as taking place at Caprica (hence the "Battle of Caprica" title would apply as well), however all the Colonies are known to have been attacked and destroyed by the Cylon task force.