Attack on Umbra

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Attack on Umbra
Conflict: Thousand-Yahren War
Date: 26 yahren before Destruction of the Colonies
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Place: Thorn Forest, Umbra, Caprica
Result: Nearly 3,000 children being orphaned
The Twelve Colonies Cylons
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Materiel Losses
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Battle Chronology
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Battle of Caprica Attack on Umbra Battle of Molecay

The Attack on Umbra describes a sneak attack by the Cylons approximately 26 yahren before the Battle of Cimtar.

This raid was apparently one of the "first raids on Caprica," according to Chameleon, a survivor from this raid. As a result of this action, nearly three thousand children were orphaned, including Starbuck; his father had been the aforementioned Chameleon, who was unaware that his son had survived until he learned of it more than 26 years later (TOS: "The Man with Nine Lives").