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Actor Character Episode
Steve Bacic Telemachus Rhade "
Paul Campbell Lt. Bowlus "Point of the Spear", "Shadows Cast by a Final Salute"
Emily Holmes Indra Xicol "Trusting the Gordian Maze"
Adrian Hughes Nez Pierce "The Honey Offering", "Una Salus Victus"
Michael Jonsson Guard "Conduit to Destiny"
Nimet Kanji Commonwealth Op "Mad to Be Saved"
Vicky Lambert Beautiful Dancer "Machinery of the Mind"
Kandyse McClure Zara "The Others"
Winston Rekert Zeus "The Shards of Rimini"
William Samples King of Prolon "The Illusion of Majesty"
Sebastian Spence Patrius "Conduit to Destiny"
Brent Stait Rev Bem Season 1, "The Widening Gyre"—"Ouroboros", "What Happens to a Rev Deferred?", "Fear Burns Down to Ashes"
Lori Stewart Varastaya "Under the Night", "An Affirming Flame"


Crew Credit Episode
Melissa Barrie Assistant production coordinator Unknown
Lori Stewart Stunt double for Lisa Ryder Unknown