Trans Stellar Spacelines

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Trans Stellar Spacelines operated some spaceliners to ferry people of the Twelve Colonies of Man from place to place.

One of their ships, Rising Star, survives the fall of the Twelve Colonies and joins the survivors of the destroyed worlds (TOS: "Saga of a Star World", "Murder on the Rising Star").

When Boomer encounters an obstinate security guard outside of Sire Uri's private accommodations, the guard notes that he had been hired by the company to provide security, and to ensure the guests were not disturbed (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").


The sole Trans-Galactic Star Lines security officer outside of Sire Uri's elite class accommodations on Rising Star (Exodus!).
  • In Marvel's comic book adaptation, Exodus!, the private security officer notes that he works for Trans-Galactic Star Lines. Of note, the officer's helmet is emblazoned with stylized "TG."
  • The Re-imagined Series continued the notion of spacelines with Pan Galactic and Intersun.