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Major Revision Complete

In keeping the miniseries to fit the episode summaries, I have revised this article with the larger details of the episodes, breaking it down by the events from each night as it was aired in the U.S. The analysis has been removed from both, as most of it has been answered or discussed in the series article, Battlestar Galactica (RDM). Any links to Miniseries will redirect to Miniseries, Night 1. The questions section is shortened to the central questions generated by the miniseries only, and minimizes discussion of regular series names and events to keep the article from becoming confusing to new viewers (although most links are updated to their current article). --Spencerian 15:29, 25 October 2006 (CDT)

Main Fight

When Helo and Sharon are fleeing from the missles to Caprica, their Dradis pops up with multiple formations of various Cylon and Colonial signals and they say "I think we've found the main fight". Can anyone make out what the markings on the Dradis say? They might show Squadron designations or even ship names. Commander Mazien 19:16, 1 December 2006 (CST)

I'll look into grabbing a cap, if one avails itself to me, though I honestly doubt it. -- Joe Beaudoin So say we all - Donate 20:55, 1 December 2006 (CST)
Update: Unfortunately, all I was able to make out on the DRADIS displays were "Enemy Squadron" and "Viper Squadron". Nothing unique to warrant an article. -- Joe Beaudoin So say we all - Donate 21:11, 1 December 2006 (CST)

Thanks anyway. Commander Mazien 05:46, 2 December 2006 (CST)

Cast section

Whilst Miniseries, Night 2 has a cast section, where's this article's? DrWho42 11:51, 13 October 2007 (CDT)

The Miniseries is really one three-hour show, even if you can clearly tell the break point. Two cast sections would be unnecessary duplication. --Serenity 11:57, 13 October 2007 (CDT)

Theatrical Version

I DVR'ed the HD version of the Miniseries on UniversalHD back in July and just recently watched it (my life as been crazy). It is introduced as the "theatrical version" with a TV-14 rating. I didn't really see any difference with it than the DVD version. Did anyone else view this version? --FrankieG 13:04, 12 December 2007 (CST)


Is "Night" supposed to be the miniseries title? Where does it say so? I haven't been able to corroborate this.--Dvd-junkie 12:18, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

My response is here. -- Joe Beaudoin So say we all - Donate - Battlestar Pegasus 13:29, 11 November 2009 (UTC)