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Battlestar Galactica meets classic 1970's-style disaster movie. If you remove all the "action" caused by dealing with the fire mentioned in the title, you are left with little in the way of story or character development. Despite the Cylon attack at the beginning of the show, the real enemy is the fire. This episode marks a point in the series when the Cylons disappear for the rest of the season, until their appearance in the final episode. Perhaps this is because the Cylons didn't represent a credible threat to the Fleet after the Colonials overcame overwhelming odds so many times, or maybe Glen Larson and company were trying to take the show in a different direction.
This episode did give a few of the secondary characters a moment to shine. Colonel Tigh gets to take command for the first time since the Battle of Kobol in "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II", returning the Fleet to his commander in considerably better shape than his re-imagined counterpart. The situation with Tigh having to assume command for an injured Adama plays itself out in the Re-imagined series starting with "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II". Boomer demonstrates that he picked up some unusual skills in his misspent youth, establishing some basis for the electronics expertise that he demonstrates in "The Hand of God". Muffit gets to save the day, not only through his nose for mushies, but also in saving the firefighter.
This is something of a standalone episode, in that no subsequent episodes make note of any consequences from the damage to Galactica or Adama. The only element that would constrain this episode is the presence of Sheba, which would require this episode to be shown after "The Living Legend, Part II". Otherwise it might have aired in almost any available slot.

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