Sunshine Boys

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The Sunshine Boys is a referential term coined by Karl Agathon to refer to two crewmen, Vireem and Gage, from the battlestar Pegasus. The Sunshine Boys are best known for taking it upon themselves to assault Galen Tyrol and Karl Agathon Template:TRSResurrection Ship, Part II after Tyrol kills Lieutenant Alastair Thorne (TRS: "Pegasus"), although they are subsequently stopped by Colonel Jack Fisk before they can inflict much damage (TRS: "Resurrection Ship, Part II").

The Sunshine Boys and Agathon later have a run-in during Gaeta's Mutiny, as the Sunshine Boys separate Agathon from his wife and daughter (TRS: "The Oath"). For their participation in the mutiny, they are incarcerated aboard Astral Queen (TRS: "Blood on the Scales").


The "Sunshine Boys" are referred to as the "Yee-Haw Boys" by Ron Moore in the podcast for "Resurrection Ship, Part II."