Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 4

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Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 4
Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 4
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 4
Writer(s) Tony Lee
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Penciller(s) Aneke
Colorist(s) Alex Starling
Letterer(s) Marshall Dillon
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Cover Artist(s) Ardian Syaf (Cover A)
Sergio Fernandez Davila (Cover B)
Adaptation of
Published November 26, 2014
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ISBN 725130219275
Population 0 Survivors
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It's the final battle as the Aethership Galactica and its allies take the fight to Baltar! Can this rag-tag collection of survivors defeat the mighty Cylonic Empire? And what happens when one of Galactica's allies betrays everyone? Who lives, and who dies? Come with us as #1 New York Times bestselling author Tony Lee brings this miniseries to a shattering conclusion![1]



  • Archduke Adama makes "possibly the last speech" from Galactica before launching the assault on Gamoray.
  • From the bridge of the transport, Crown Prince Adama reiterates the ground assault plan that involves Boomer and Jolly assuming control of the Cylonic Centurions and causing a ruckus while Iblis is to go to the babbage computer Lu-c-fer and destroy it, thereby disabling the Cylonic force in the process.
  • From the bridge of Queen Lotay's ship, Lady Athena notes that the Ovions stand ready to assist in the battle. Adama agrees with Athena on her desire to heal old wounds against their common enemy.
  • On Starchaser, Starbuck notes that he is not only ready to assist, but has also made a deal with Rising Star's pirate Queens for their assistance. Queen Sheba interjects with the clarification that Starbuck has sold himself into bonded servitude for their aid, promising to discuss his future later should her survive.
  • Adama concludes his speech, noting that Galactica leads a "rag-tag fugitive fleet on a hopeless quest of vengeance" and will "make galmonging sure" to finish the battle, ending in a "So say we all!"


  • On Gamoray[2], Imperious Leader Baltar is notified of Galactica's survival and the small fleet of incoming vessels by a Cylonic Knight. Chagrined, Baltar requests a report from Lu-c-fer confirms this and notes that Adama wishes to communicate with him.
  • Adama gives Baltar a simple ultimatum: surrender or die.
  • Baltar responds by ordering the Cylonics to fight.

Gamoray's Orbit

  • The fleet begins targeting the Cylonic communications relays to hinder Cylonic communications.
  • Athena tells Apollo to proceed with their landing on Gamoray, telling Boomer and Jolly to ensure the prince lives, or she'll "flay the skin off" them should they survive.
  • Iblis interjects, replying that he'll ensure the babbage computer is "upgraded" to prevent Baltar's further use of it.
  • Boomer plugs himself into the Cylonic freighter's computer, believing it to have the most current codes to allow them to pass Gamoray's shield.
  • The codes work, and the freighter descends upon Gamoray while being ignored by the Cylonic Raiders.
  • The Raiders and Basestars engage the other ships in the fleet.
  • Galactica and an Ovion vessel briefly quarrel regarding an attack on a basestar. Tigh becomes a voice of reason and convinces Adama to let the Ovions have the basestar, as there are other targets.
  • Meanwhile, the quarrelsome Queens of Rising Star share their mutual hatred for one another in case they lose the chance to do so.
  • Starbuck swoops in and destroys a Raider that harassed the Queen's ship, to which they snidely reply that he should kill another hundred.
  • The Cylonics attempt to flank the fleet when Athena realizes Iblis' true objective, and asks the Ovions to get her to the planet. Lotay notes that Ovion ships cannot breach atmosphere, and instead make use of an escape pod that is shot at, and subsequently retrieved by, Starchaser.
  • When Iblis effectively installs himself into the babbage computer, the Cylonics in orbit become disabled. As Adama begins a victory speech, Athena delivers bad news that Iblis' plan was to upload himself into the bubble memory of the computer to control the Cylonics for himself.
  • Iblis assumes control and renews the attack against the fleet, seeing as he seeks power for himself.
  • With the shields of her ship down, Lotay manages to send one final message as the Cylonics make their fatal attack: see their conflict ended and her people avenged.


  • The transport lands on Gamoray. Boomer and Jolly go off in search of Cylonic Centurions to commandeer, while Iblis and the second team go off to search for the central computer.
  • Apollo and his team engage Cylonic Knights to prevent them from raising the alarm, as the ground force has yet to be detected.
  • Iblis pulls Apollo away from the main ground battle, so they may get to the babbage computer core.
  • Boomer and Jolly reach two inactive Centurions, and share their last words and well wishes before integrating themselves into the machines.
  • Outside of the control room, Iblis overhears an incredulous Baltar being informed by Lu-c-fer that the shields have been deactivated from within the compound. Baltar orders the Centurions to be activated, but Adama triumphantly disproves Baltar's assertion of superiority by demonstrating Boomer's and Jolly's skillful use of commandeered Centurion giants.
  • Apollo makes his presence known, and spars with Baltar in a sword fight, destroying Baltar's helmet in the process. Baltar seethes at being subjected to germs, and manages to best Apollo by stabbing the warrior with a shard from the broken helmet.
  • Control of the Cylonic Centurion takes its toll on Jolly, who starts to succumb to the strain.
  • Iblis enters the computer core and establishes a neural link to the babbage computer, uploading his mind into the computer, destroying both the Lu-c-fer operating system and Iblis' own physical body in the process.
  • Starbuck and Athena make landfall, and come across the wounded Apollo. Athena leaves Starbuck to tend to Apollo so that she can handle Iblis.
  • Apollo asks Starbuck why he left Galactica, and Starbuck tells him the truth: it was over Athena, for he loves her and Adama had given him an ultimatum—give up on Athena or leave.
  • Knights come upon Starbuck and Apollo before they are able to continue the conversation.
  • Athena makes it to the server room, only to find that Iblis has destroyed Lu-c-fer and integrated himself into the babbage computer.
  • Athena hears Lotay's final words, and pulls her backup plan: Boomer uploads a trojan virus that infiltrates the computer and deletes Iblis from the babbage's core drive.
  • As Starbuck makes his last stand, the Knights burn up and Athena declares that she has shut down the Cylonic Empire.
  • Starbuck takes a wounded Apollo away, while Athena receives word that her father has survived the battle and the remaining Colonials have taken minimal losses.
  • Boomer and Jolly have not fared well; Jolly had pulled Boomer from a Centurion before the feedback from the Cylonic hivemind's disconnection killed them both, but they are mentally scarred. Apollo orders that care be given to the two men.


  • A great celebration follows the Cylonic defeat at Gamoray.
  • Baltar has fled to an unknown, secret bolthole to rebuild his Cylonic army.
  • Starbuck is able to convince the Queens of the newly named "Free Traders of the Rising Star" to break his bond of servitude, so that he may return to the nobility. This also allows him to enter into future marriage with Athena, and rejoin the Colonial Empire as a Major in their ranks.
  • Boomer and Jolly never regained their humanity, but are still alive.
  • Boxey left Athena's service, and becomes captain of Starchaser alongside his first mate, Muffit.
  • The Ovions make peace with humanity, and given that Lotay is the last of the Ovion royal bloodline, Athena is bestowed leadership of the Ovion people and resides on Carillion.
  • With Caprica and Gemini in ruins, and the Colonial Empire in need of aetherships, the humans begin to rebuild and allow the subjects of the Twelve Colonial Empires to believe that the Cylonics are no longer a threat.
  • Rumors of Iblis' having transferred his consciousness into a lone Cylonic are abundant, and the humans focus on rebuilding their Empire to its former glory, and there is even talk of a Thirteenth Colony to be reclaimed.



  • Adama's statement regarding "rag-tag fugitive fleet on a hopeless quest of vengeance" is derived from the closing statement from the Original Series, where Adama notes that the "rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest for a shining planet."
  • The phrase "So say we all" is exclusively germane to the Re-imagined Series. As common with most Dynamite Comics installments, some Re-imagined Series terminology integrates itself into the stories and comics related to the Original Series continuities. As 1880 is a variation in the Battlestar Galactica multiverse, its use here is not entirely glaring.
  • Starbuck's statement of "never tell me the odds" during the battle above Gamoray is a nod to Han Solo's statement in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • This issue makes note of a "Thirteenth Colony" (e.g. Earth), the first instance where 1880 ties into the general Battlestar mythology. It is noted by Adama as being a "lost part of the Empire that needs to be gathered back."
  • The last page of the comic is a nod to the Original Series opening preamble narrated by Patrick Macnee, to wit: "There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Capricans, or the Aerians, or the Sagittarians. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens."



  • How much of Iblis' consciousness still remains intact?
  • How will Baltar control the Cylonics without Lu-c-fer? Are there others like Lu-c-fer in existence?

Noteworthy Dialogue

This is possibly the last speech I will ever give, so be gentle with me. Professor Baltar almost eradicated the human race. Only a few colonies survive. But he's weak. He's spent too much energy and now the time to end him has come.
I say now--we are the Colonial Empire, and we refuse to bow to Cylonic tyranny. The last aethership Galactica may lead a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a hopeless quest of vengance--but we'll make galmonging sure that we finish the job. So say we all!
Boomer: Get in. Log on. Kill Cylonics. Sounds easy, doesn't it?
Jolly: Sounds like suicide, Boomer.
Boomer: Ah well, you never wanted to live like this, did you? I mean, it's a nightmare to shower.
Jolly: And I snag the arm on my uniform sleeve constantly. Until the next life, Lieutenant.
Lu-c-fer: Hello, father.
Iblis: You've been a bad babbage computer, Lu-c-fer. Daddy's going to have to give you a spanking now.
Starbuck: You got stabbed with a fishbowl? Man, I'd hate to be you when I tell everyone.
Apollo: Starbuck... why did you... leave? The... Galactica that is?
Starbuck: I was in love with your sister, but your father wouldn't allow it. I was told to give up--or leave. And I could never give her-- (Cylonics appear)—ah, felgercarb. I knew it was too good to last.
  • Athena discovers Iblis has uploaded himself into the babbage computer:
Athena: Lu-c-fer! Stop this immediately!
Iblis: You're too late princess! Lu-c-fer is gone! I control the Cylonics now! This is the Age of Iblis! And there's nothing you can do about it! I've shed my human form and entered the aether! Pure energy! God incarnate! And my Cylonics? Fully functional and eager to kill for me!

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  2. As opposed to the previous issue, the name "Gamora" is used instead of "Gamoray," which had been established in the previous issue.