Starbuck's Poem

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A shot of the poem next to the mandala in Kara Thrace's apartment (TRS: "Maelstrom").

Kara Thrace's old apartment on Caprica in the city of Delphi is filled with paintings on canvas as well as some wall paintings (TRS: "Valley of Darkness").

In the wall to the left of a curious circular painting that Thrace has doodled since she was a child ("The Eye of Jupiter," "Maelstrom"), the Viper pilot wrote a simple poem:

The poem written to the left of the mandala in Kara Thrace's apartment (TRS: "Valley of Darkness")

Methodically smoking my cigarette

Every breath I breathe out the day

With every delicious sip

I drink away the night

Stroking my hair to

The beat of his heart

Watching a boy turn into a man