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For the actress with the same last name, see: Laurette Spang-McCook.

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Doctor Spang is the life sciences practitioner who observes Adama after he enters the memory inducer.

Spang tells Tigh that it is impossible to extract Adama out of the machine without harming him, and notes that unless Adama finds what he's looking for—details on the inscription that he briefly saw before they were destroyed on Kobol—he may never be able to come out of the machine (The Memory Machine).

Later, Spang is given the apparently dead corpse of Junior-Tech Whittaker, after Whittaker's attack on Master-Tech Shadrack. While investigating the body, which piques Spang's interest because the body in front of him never apparently had life in the first place, the vampiric entity known as a space-mimic drains Spang of his memories and life force, in effect mimicking Spang. Before Spang could be killed by the mimic, Apollo, Starbuck and Athena manage to thwart the creature's attempt (Space-Mimic!).