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Introduced Eve of Destruction - Prelude I: Nostalgie De La Boue
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Role Cylon dictator, circa first millennium of time
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Sobekkta is a Cylon
Sobekkta is a Final Five Cylon
Sobekkta is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Sobekkta is an Original Series Cylon
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Sobekkta is the Cylon dictator during the first millennium of time. Count Iblis manipulates Sobekkta, tantalizing him with promises of immortality, in order to create the robotic creatures that would later wage war with the Colonials.

The result of Iblis's manipulations is that Sobekkta and all other reptilian Cylons are exterminated by these robotic constructs. For this act, Iblis is sentenced to fleetingly remember who he is between moments of death over the course of 7,000 yahren. However, the constructs continue on and, ultimately, result in the virtual destruction of the human race, sans a handful of survivors (Eve of Destruction - Prelude I: Nostalgie De La Boue).