Laura Roslin's mother

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Laura Roslin's mother
Laura Roslin's mother


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Introduced Faith
Death Died from cancer
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Children Laura Roslin (daughter)
Cheryl Roslin (daughter)
Sandra Roslin (daughter)
Marital Status Married
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Role Teacher
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Laura Roslin's mother is a Cylon
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Laura Roslin's mother was a teacher prior to dying from breast cancer, and the mother of three daughters: Laura, Cheryl and Sandra.

Before succumbing to cancer, she was a teacher who was reputedly well loved. Upon being diagnosed, she engaged in Doloxan treatments; the effects of which initially dissuade her daughter, Laura, from pursuing that line of treatment and into an alternative treatment (TRS: "Act of Contrition", "Faith").

According to Laura, Ms. Roslin was a strong believer in the Lords of Kobol. Before her death, Roslin believed that Aphrodite would "swoop her away" before death and the Fields of Elysium would await her. Laura believes she never made it there, but later believes otherwise after she "sees" that Roslin made it to Elysium, following Emily Kowalski's reunion with her own family there (TRS: "Faith").

After Ms. Roslin's death, her husband and two daughters (Cheryl and Sandra) were killed in a car accident, leaving Laura Roslin the only survivor of her family (TRS: "Daybreak, Part I").


  • According to the series bible, Laura Roslin's mother's name was Judith, but this was never stated onscreen or in credits, and other statements from the bible have been contradicted.