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Role: Director
BSG Universe:
Date of Birth:
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Nationality: AUS AUS
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Rod Hardy (born 1949 in Melbourne, Australia) is a television director.

Hardy's notable credits since his directorial debut in 1974 includes:

  • JAG
  • The X-Files
  • The Practice

Director credits for "Battlestar Galactica"[edit]

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Rod Holcomb.jpg
Role: Director
BSG Universe: Original Series
Date of Birth:
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Rod Holcomb is a director of American film and television, his directorial credits include Battlestar Galactica, ER, The Education of Max Bickford (which Katee Sackhoff appeared on), and China Beach.

Holcomb is described by Dan Barton (who worked with Holcomb prior, in addition to "The Man with Nine Lives") as being "very definitive in his directions. He didn't do too many takes, and he was very quick, and I think at one time he had been an actor. So he was really used to the conversation that an actor has to receive in order to have an idea come across to him."[1]

Director credits for "Battlestar Galactica"[edit]

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Colony Caprica
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Introduced Caprica pilot
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Portrayed by Jared Keeso
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For the character from Galactica 1980's "Spaceball", see: Jenkins.

Rod Jenkins is a mid-court defense player on the professional pyramid team, the Caprica Buccaneers in 42YR (58 BCH).

According to Willie Adama, Jenkins was responsible for losing the game that he, his father Joseph, and Dr. Daniel Graystone watched following the Maglev 23 bombing. Adama is later given the opportunity to discuss the "finer points of mid-court defense" with Jenkins after the game (CAP: "Pilot").

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