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This is the list of References to the Re-imagined Series as they appear in webcomics/comic strips.

Aoi House

Blue Crash Kit

  • In the comic for January 28, 2006, Kit is looked at when she says: "I'm gonna turn on the Sci-Fi Channel! I wonder what I missed on Battlestar Galactica!"



Full Frontal Nerdity

General Protection Fault



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Kick in the Head

Knock on Wood

  • In the comic for November 7, 2005, Blue Trapezoid tells Yellow Pentagon hat some of the "governmental monies" was spent on the new Battlestar Galactica DVD.


  • In the comic for April 27, 2008, the character of Monty purchases a universal remote from an electronics store. After purchasing the remote, he changes the display televisions in the storefront window so they show an episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Nobody Scores!

Real Life

Rod & Barry

Sally Forth

  • In the comic for September 7, 2008, Sally and Ted Forth remark how they can't believe there won't be anymore new episodes.

Scary Go Round



  • The January 7th, 2008 comic mentions Battlestar Galactica and Firefly as possible alternatives to Star Wars novels, when the main character says that the latter used to be his world.
  • The July 7th, 2008 comic lists the show in a comic mocking the excessive "in popular culture" sections on Wikipedia.

Yet Another Comic

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