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The Polecats, in uniform.

The Polecats is the name of a Little League baseball team comprised of children of the descendants of the exiled Twelve Colonies (known as the Super Scouts).

Initially, the Polecats were comprised of underprivileged children from Billy Eheres' baseball camp and had won their way to the finals of the Southern Conference Regional Playoffs. However, half the team comes down with the flu and Eheres has no choice but to trust the Super Scouts to win the game, particularly after seeing Starla's pitching arm.

The Polecats, lacking basic knowledge of playing baseball are quickly brought up to speed, and are initially gun-ho about using their special abilities they've manifested due to Earth's environment. However, this is initially stopped by Colonel Jack Sydell, who attends the game hoping to prove the scouts are not of Earth. Hamilton informs the children that they can't use their abilities, for there is too much at stake. However, when she stumbles on the fact that Lieutenant Nash is actually Xaviar, she tells them to use their powers. This not only allows the Polecats to win the game, but also saves their lives (due to the attention that surrounds them) and Eheres' baseball camp in the process (1980: "Spaceball").


During the game, the Polecats had certain positions they played during the game when they were in the field.