Billy Eheres

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Billy Eheres
Billy Eheres


Colony Earth
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Introduced Spaceball
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Role Former Baseball Player
Owner and operator, Casey's Camp
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Portrayed by Paul Koslo
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Billy Eheres is a former professional baseball player who runs Casey's Camp, a baseball camp for underprivileged children.

Coming from a poor, orphan background himself, Eheres was recruited into the Dodgers baseball team earlier in his life.[1]According to Mr. Brooks, Eheres at one time had the potential to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time. At some point Eheres lost his left arm, and his jacket's left sleeve is pinned up. As he always felt guilty for making money doing something he loved, he opened the baseball camp for children to play just for the fun of the game.[2]

Mr. Brooks assigns Jamie Hamilton and Hal Fredricks to do a story about Eheres' baseball camp. Eheres reveals that his camp is supported by donations, and if his baseball team doesn't win an upcoming game then the funding will dry up. When most of his team is taken ill, Eheres fears his camp will have to close. Fortunately the Super Scouts step up to the plate and win the game with a last minute rally, saving the camp (1980: "Spaceball").


  • The spelling for the last name, Eheres, comes from the subtitles from the Region 1 DVD as well as a shooting script for the series.
  • The spelling "Ayers" appears to be fan derived, as the only sources for this name come from various fan publications and sites, and nothing official.


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