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Local Artist Makes Beautiful Bags From Billboards

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Local Artist Makes Beautiful Bags From Billboards is a The Caprican Lifestyle article written by Sharon Edmonson. It was printed in Martius 22, YR42.


If you've ever dreamed of owning a piece of Caprica City, now's your chance...sort of. Verda Lieb, a longtime figure in the local art scene, incorporates discarded electronic billboards and old Caprica City street signs into her wearable art. And the result is extraordinary - a unique aesthetic and sensory experience that you carry with you throughout the day.

Ms. Lieb, who holds an MS in electrical engineering from Caprica City University, first began making electronic art soon after graduate school. "I loved working with electronics, but I knew I didn't want to go into the computer industry and work for a company like Vergis or Graystone. One day I found a tiny LCD display in a trash can in the business district and that's really what started it all."

Verda's handbags and totes can be found at the Create boutique in downtown Caprica City. While she occasionally turns found electronics into sculptural objects as well, her priority is "function" right now. "My goal is to use materials most people think are trash, and to create one-of-a-kind utilitarian objects with them." Not only is Lieb rescuing some of the city's electronics from becoming waste, but she's also creating some gorgeous works of art! We here at The Caprican definitely approve!

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