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Name Ben Hamill
Date of birth
Age 23
Location Texas
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Gmail/GTalk iamday
AIM NoitFi (or less commonly DayAsPrometheus)
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Callsign Day
Marital Status Engaged
Occupation Retail
Star of Kobol
Day is a Chief
Day is a Senior Chief
Day supported the 2007 WGA strike.
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I've finished my move and my new job starts soon. A comensurate inscrease in my presence here should follow.

Ben "Day" Hamill lives in Texas where he enjoys MUSHing, playing Guild Wars and watching roughly one hour of television each week. You get three guesses as to which hour.

Personal Information

Occasionally, Ben spends time viewing various things on DVD. In his opinion, these things don't quite count as watching television as, "it's the ads that really rot the brain. You can choose not to watch a bad show, but bad ads could be in any show, no matter how good."

Currently, Ben lives with his girlfriend of 6 years, Sara. They were engaged on 4 March 2006 and have begun planning their wedding. The date is set for 23 June, 2007. For more information, simply ask, but be prepared for a deluge of information.

Ben is a Bachelor of the Arts in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. This is noteworthy because, apparently unbeknownst to UT, Linguistics is a science. While there, Ben was a member of the Longhorn Band in which he played the Trombone.

Ben has been a member of the Battlestar Wiki since 29 August, 2005. Users who sign talk page posts, but have empty user pages irk Ben because they trigger his broken link sense needlessly.

Ben owns a Mac (G4 Cube) named Melchior, a PC (Dell with user upgrades) named Prometheus and an XBox with no name. He is considering naming his Honda Civic something that sounds like the name of a Space Marine Dreadnaught from Warhammer 40,000, but as of yet can't think of a decent name.

Ben's favorite time is 11:11.

On my iPod
  1. Ask a Ninja - Ninja are cool, and this one answers questions (video).
  2. Hope is Emo - Emo kids are the funniest joke God ever told (video).
  3. The World's Technology Podcast - An expanded cast by the host of The World's technology show (audio).
  4. TTBOOK Podcast (subscribe) - A show of random cool stuff by Public Radio International (audio).
  5. The Onion Radio News - Like skimming the Onion: Funny headlines, none of that boring "content" crap (audio).


Non-Wiki Projects

  • Texas Sports Weekly
    I am the web dude for Texas Sports Weekly, which is a podcast hosted by my good friend, Ross Lucksinger, which focuses primarily on sports related to the University of Texas, secondarily on sports in the state of Texas and tertiarily on professional sports in the United States. He has yet to mention a sport in another country, but I wouldn't put it past him to talk a bit about the Tour de France or the World Cup in their time.
  • Nomicron
    I play a nomic called Nomicron. My player name there is, amazingly, Day. One of my proudest accomplishments there is that it's sort of a tradition, now, for me to design a new logo for each Round. I've done Rounds four, five and six, which has just begun. The theme of the logo doesn't have to affect how the Round turns out, but it did in an amusing way in Round five, and very well may in Round six.

A Note on Images

I try to use the following format for naming image files I upload. This is mostly for my own reference, though if someone wants to use this sytem, too, they're welcome to. The reason I like to include episode names is so that, when I see a picture, I might have a better idea of the context if I knew what else had been going on at the time.

Episode_Name-Content.ext (ex: Image:Kobols Last Gleaming pt2-Gaeta.jpg, Image:Tigh Me Up Tigh Me Down-Baltar Six.jpg, Image:Mini-Billy.jpg, etc.)