Medics Revive Holoband 'Sleeper'

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The sleeper awakens.

Medics Revive Holoband 'Sleeper' is a The Caprican News article written by Laurel Hill. It was printed in Ianuarius 15, YR42.


A Medical unit was dispatched late last night in response to an emergency call from the home of David and Margaret Wiley of South Caprica City. Their daughter, Janet Wiley, 15, a student at Promethia High School, had fallen asleep while wearing the Holoband and her parents were unable to wake her.

"It was terrifying," said Mrs. Wiley, an employee of The Caprica Tribune. "She was just lying there with that thing on her face. She was breathing, but she wasn't responding to anything."

"It took a bit of time, but we revived her," said paramedic Joe Connelly. "Wherever she was, she was in deep."

The Holoband, a product of Graystone Industries, has been the target of much criticism and controversy lately due to what many see as an alarming increase in teenage hacks and the soaring popularity of such illegal virtual domains such as V-Clubs and the interactive game, New Cap City. Hackers refer to someone who falls asleep with the Holoband on as a 'Sleeper.'

Neither David nor Margaret Wiley offered any comment when asked if Janet was involved with either V-Clubs or New Cap City when she fell asleep.

Janet is currently at Caprica General Hospital for further tests and observation.

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