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A podcast is multimedia file (usually a sound file) available for download. Despite the name, you do not need an iPod or similar device to listen to them. Any computer capable of playing mp3 sound files will play podcasts.

There are currently several different podcasts relating to Battlestar Galactica, both official and unofficial.


  1. The "official" podcast, where Ronald D. Moore provides a commentary track for each episode during their first airing on Sci-Fi Channel (later renamed Syfy Channel).
  2. The 2018-2020 Battlestar Galacticast from Tricia Helfer (Number Six) and co-host Mark Bernardin presented by Syfy.


  1. The Combat Information Center is a weekly review/commentary podcast.
  2. Galactica Watercooler is a weekly(ish) roundtable review, commentary, and speculation podcast.

These same podcasts are also available from the iTunes Music Store from Apple Computer. The iTunes software is free for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X computers.

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