Kevin Connor

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Kevin Connor
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Age 7
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Introduced Collaborators
Death Killed by Cylons during Temple Raids on New Caprica
Parents Charlie Connor, father; mother unknown
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[[Image:|200px|Kevin Connor]]

Kevin Connor is the slain seven year-old son of Charlie Connor. He is described as a "red-headed boy".

With his father, Connor lives on New Caprica, meeting President Gaius Baltar during Founders' Day. Connor tells Baltar that he wants to be president someday, where Baltar replies that he could be if he sticks with his school work.

During the Cylon occupation, Connor is killed by New Caprica Police troops led by James Lyman during the Temple Raids ("Collaborators," "He That Believeth in Me").

Connor's death spurs his father into joining the New Caprica Resistance and is the impetus for Charlie Connor's zeal in prosecuting and executing collaborators shortly after the Battle of New Caprica (TRS: "Collaborators").